3 Steps to Lengthen and Strengthen Your Back

Back pain — and particularly low back pain — is one of the most commonly reported physical ailments in the U.S. It is quite literally an anatomical epidemic that has only our largely sedentary culture to blame.

Throughout the evolution of our species, we’ve traded upright floor sitting and squatting (two inherently mobilizing and strengthening positions) for chairs and couches both distorts and weakens the spine. We’ve traded in using our bodies dynamically every single day for automation and instant gratification.

The results of this? Our spines are literally bent out of shape, and weak to boot!

But there are a ton of actions we can take and habits we can implement to start to set our spines straight and strengthen them at the same time.

  1. Your best weapon in reversing and preventing back pain is your posture. Poor posture is often caused and perpetuated by lazy and weak musculature of the core and back. Simply by standing and sitting up straight, we start to strengthen those muscles while building new physiological habits that supports a healthy spine. For a simple, “quick fix” postural adjustment, check out this video.
  1. If we want a strong and healthy back, we need to make sure that our foundation is equally strong and healthy. And when it comes to the body, our foundation is our feet. As you make your efforts to correct your posture, make sure to adjust your feet too. We want our weight evenly distributed between both feet and our toes facing forward.
  • Also, be sure to also spend time each day barefoot. Most of us live our lives in constricting, uncomfortable, and overly padded shoes that weaken and the musculature of our feet. Being barefoot helps to restore our intrinsic foot strength, which will transfer directly to the health of our back.
  1. To expedite the process of healing and strengthening our backs, there are many functional fitness exercises we can do in the gym or on our own. At CrossFit Surf City, every single exercise we perform, from air squats to deadlifts to planks, is designed to use the body the way it was anatomically designed to be used. This style of exercise is inherently restorative to all kinds of physical injuries and ailments — including and especially back pain.

If you’re dealing with back pain, the worst thing you can do is stay immobile. Though it may seem counterintuitive — the faster you can get yourself to gym and putting these tips into practice, the faster you will find relief. Curious how CrossFitSurf City can help you strengthen, lengthen, and heal your back? Click here for a complimentary consultation!

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