7 Reasons To Workout In A Group Class: “Powerful Groups Make Powerful People”

If you’ve ever tried to workout solo — or even worse… start a fitness regimen on your own — you know how incredibly challenging this can be.

We’ve been there. We know the barrier that this presents to following through on your good intentions, and we also know how incredibly boring it can be to workout like this. With a recipe like this, you’re way less likely to commit to your plan for the long term.

This is one of the many reasons that CrossFit Surf City is structured completely around our group oriented fitness classes. Now these aren’t your typical globo-gym type classes. You know… barking instructors, mirrors, and techno music. It’s more like personal training done group style.

We believe this group setting is one of the most effective ways to workout and one of the reasons why is the power of group dynamics. Humans are social animals. This means we respond incredibly strongly to a group that resonates with us.

The following seven points in the blog post describe some of the most powerful impacts of group dynamics on the fitnesssetting. Read ‘em for yourself and see if you’re not convinced…

  1. The Power of Accountability… Part 1: Sometimes we do for others what we aren’t willing to do for ourselves. On those days that your your will power isn’t enough to get you to the gym, knowing that your classmates are expecting you to be there will help you stick to your guns.
  2. Ride the Energy: Something happens when the music is pumping, barbells are crashing to the ground, and everyone around you is fighting their way through a WOD, one rep at a time. It’s like magic. And it’s extremely energizing and motivating. When we workout in a group, we get to ride this energy all the way to our final rep!
  3. Wanna be BFFs? When you workout in a group setting it doesn’t take long to from some pretty close knit ties. You sweat, curse, and push yourself to your mental and physical limit right along side of everyone else doing the exact same thing. Bonds form quickly in this kind of environment. These bonds are strong, and can’t be broken easily.
  4. The Power of Accountability… Part 2: Even the best-intentioned among us get lazy with proper form and technique from time to time. When we workout by ourselves its easy to get away with this. But if we have a group of people around us — not to mention the watchful eye of our coach — we’re much more likely to hold ourselves up to the standards that the group has set.
  5. Everybody’s Doin’ It: They say that we are the mirror image of the five people we hang out with the most. When a few members of our top five are from the gym, that mirror image is more likely to be in pretty good shape… or at least well on their way to getting there! We all need support and encouragement to maintain our healthy choices. If everybody’s doing it —it’s easier for us to do it too!
  6. We’re Pack Animals: Human beings are inherently social creatures. Our genetic makeup requires community for our health and wellbeing. We all need to feel like we are a part of something greater than just ourselves. For many of us in today’s super-isolated world, the gym is one place for us to find that sense of belonging, connection, and community.
  7. It’s Fun! Put a group of motivated, hard working, success seeking people in a room, ask them to complete a series ofchallenges, tell them your going to time them during said challenge, turn on some music…. And it’s bound to be a good time!

Honestly, we could keep going on this list of why working out in a group sets us up for success stronger than any other variable in the fitness setting.

But truth be told, the best evidence we could give you is for you experience this power for yourself. If you’re in the Huntington Beach CA, area, come check out our digs — on us. And if you’re not, we encourage you to check out some of the CrossFit gyms in your area.

All in all, powerful groups build powerful people. 

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