This Post Has Absolutely Nothing to do With CrossFit

Like many CrossFitters, we at Gym Rat Wrist Wraps get a bad rap for not being able to shut our rat-trap about CrossFit. We’ll pretty much tell anyone with functioning ears about yesterday’s killer WOD or about our latest PR. But I swear, we are physically capable of talking about things outside of the CrossFit box. (And yes, pun very much intended.) So, here it goes…

Photosynthesis. What is it? Well I am so glad you asked because I am 100% prepared to tell you all about it and not CrossFit. Photosynthesis is the natural process that plants and some microorganisms use to convert the sun’s energy into sugars for fuel. Through cellular respiration, these sugars get converted to adenosine triphosphate, commonly referred to as ATP, which provides the fuel needed for growth.

Ok, so I just can’t help myself here…. The cellular respiration that occurs in photosynthesis is actually quite similar to what occurs in our bodies all the time, and especially when we workout. In humans, cellular respiration (i.e. breathing) is the process that our cells use to convert energy from nutrients in our food (rather than sunlight) into the stuff our muscles need to exert force and power. And the result of this conversion process? ATP: The same energy product the photosynthesis results in, and the same energy that our muscles demand during a grueling WOD or heavy lift.

Well that was a fail. It's official, the Gym Rat Wrist Wrap crew is incapable of talking about anything outside the CrossFit box. (Snap, that's a good pun!) On the bright side, we are totally awesome at turning the most random topics into a discussion about fitness, and we know a little more about how we relate to plants.

Sorry. We tried. It's a curse. 

Also, what’s the WOD? 

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