Rat Recommendations for Wrist Mobility

Reinforcing your wrist strength is what the Rat does best. Even with the added support from Gym Rat Wrist Wraps however, if our wrist mobility is hindered we aren’t going to be able to access full power while loaded up in the rack or overhead position in the middle of a WOD. But worry not, because the Rat is has some tools for us to strengthen and mobilize our wrists, so that beneath the wrist wrap reinforcement we have a solid and sturdy foundation. Here are a few techniques that you can complete in a few minutes everyday that will increase your wrist mobility dramatically.

  • With arms stretched out in front of you at shoulder height, make two fists with your hands. Roll your fists 10 circles to the right, followed by 10 circles to the left.

  • Keep your arms stretched straight out in front of you and flatten your hands so your palms are facing the floor with your fingers together. Keeping the palms level to the floor, stretch your hands to the right, then back to center, then to the left, then back to center. Complete 10 repetitions in both directions.

  • With your arms still stretched out in front of you return to flat, downturned palms with fingers touching. Bending at the wrists, flip your hands to point your fingers up towards ceiling. Come back to center. Then flip your hands to point your fingers towards the floor. Repeat 10 repetitions in each direction.


Throughout all of these exercises be sure to focus intently on each movement, ensuring you reach full range of motion in all directions.  Do these rat recommendations everyday and your wrists will be ready for anything your CrossFit coach dishes out! 


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